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The retina is a thin layer of neurological light-sensitive tissue covering the inside of the eyeball. It captures the images and transmits them to the brain trough the optic nerve.

The detachment of the retina provokes that fluid goes under the retina. In that case, the retina –which is floating in the vitreous cavity– stops working, because it does not receive any more nutrients and oxygen.

The detachment of the retina is an emergency and must be treated immediately; otherwise it can provoke irreversible visual consequences.


The evident symptoms are:

  • Seeing “flying flies” (dots, strings, cobwebs), together with lightning streaks or flashing lights.
  • A certain movement in the sight that resembles the vision under water, certainly wavy.
  • A shadow or curtain becomes visible in the visual field, corresponding to the detached sector, which grows as the disease develops.


The surgical intervention (vitrectomy) is a solution in case of retinal detachment. Apart from retinal detachment there are other significant diseases that can cause retinal damages or visual problems.


Some of those are:

  • DBT (diabetes) and HTN (hypertension)
  • Vitreoretinal diseases
  • Uveitis
  • Maculopathy
  • Heredodegenerative diseases of retina and macula.


Algunas de ellas son las siguientes:

  • DBT (diabetes) y HTA (hipertensión arterial).
  • Enfermedades vitreorretinales.
  • Uveítis.
  • Maculopatía.
  • Enfermedades heredodegenerativas de retina y mácula.
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