Kaufer Eye Clinic, always at the leading edge of technology. 

In the ophthalmological field precision is a key factor to success. With the incorporation of the new LenSX laser of the company Alcon, Kaufer Eye Clinic adds technology, precision, security and promptness, obtaining a greater predictability in the final results of the cataract surgery.

Some of the most complex aspects of the operation are therefore optimized, allowing a precise procedure that is guided by a three dimensional visualization system of the internal eye structures.

This method substitutes the traditional use of the scalpel for an advanced laser technology.

Since its foundation three decades ago, Kaufer Eye Clinic keeps a strong commitment with the standards of ophthalmological quality. Always at the leading edge of diagnose and treatment of vision errors, the clinic incorporates the latest technology and instruments to provide patients with the best service. At the same time, its team of professionals receives regular training in the most innovative surgical techniques.

At Kaufer Eye Clinic the best lasers are in the hands of the best ophthalmologists.

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