Highly specialized ophthalmology institute
Since four decades in the vanguard of diagnosis and treatment of sight problems.

The Kaufer Eye Clinic is an emblematic institution that is renowned and respected for having a team of ophthalmologists with a vast professional experience in surgical techniques.

Patient respect has been a paradigm of Kaufer Eye Clinic for four decades, always emphasizing the combination of professional knowledge, advanced technology, absolute honesty and deep respect for medicine.

The Kaufer Eye Clinic has positioned itself as an ophthalmologic center with international transcendence, being a pioneer of intraocular lens implantation in Argentina.

The members of its team publish and present their scientific works in several conferences, invited by professional and academic institutions.

In the Kaufer Eye Clinic you are the most important person.


International Certificate


Kaufer Eye Clinic proves the excellence of its ophthalmological quality standard by the ISO9001:2015 norm.




Kaufer Eye Clinic is a referral center throughout


It is a brief and outpatient surgery that allows a quick recovery and offers you a good sight quality. 


Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism surgeries are successful and allow a quick recovery.


Diseases that cause damage to the retina must be immediately treated.
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Kaufer Eye Clinic



Leaded by Dr. Robert A. Kaufer, the Kaufer Eye Clinic has a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals who will provide you personalized care from the moment you enter the building, being at your disposal to explain to you in detail the necessary tests to diagnose your case.
Every patient is treated with preference. Every look is different, each eye is unique.
In our clinic, you are the most important person.



Carlos Pellegrini 2266 - Martínez - San Isidro - Buenos Aires · Argentina

Tels.: +54 11 4733 0560 | +54 11 4733 4563 | info@kaufer.com



How do i arrive?

  • At Libertador avenue 13700 turn in General Alvear street, which changes its name to Yrigoyen, up to 300.
  • On Cabildo avenue, which changes its name to Maipú av. and then to Santa Fe av., up to Santa Fe 2000.
  • On Colectora Panamericana take the Edison exit up to Edison street 






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